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Zelda FONT Download

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Zelda downloadDesigner: Gert Wiescher
Publisher: Wiescher Design
»ZELDA«, my new font family is named after Zelda Fitzgerald, the »Flapper« wife of »Tender is the Night« F. Scott Fitzgerald. They really lived it up at the French Riviera. Despite Scott making money in bundles, being the best paid writer of his time, they spent so much that they were always broke. But the really tragic thing is, Scott thought of himself as a failed writer, he never believed that he actually was »the writer« of his period. Their time was the »Avant Garde« time, that is the French military term for »advance guard«, the ones who were always ahead of everybody else. This period at the beginning of the twentieth century did prepare the way for our modern times. Women especially ignored all conventional behaviour, cut their hair and skirts short, started to study all kinds of subjects that were until then reserved for males only. Those were the first days of womens lib, we should thank the brave women of that time. In literature, design and all the other arts a new time dawned and the typefaces started to loose their serifs. In commemoration of those days I designed this collection of typefaces that goes together well, can and should be mixed to your hearts desire. I give you three complete sets of geometric capitals, normal, high strung (plus some extra low strung capitals) and another set of narrow capitals. One set of standard lowercase letters and one of normal small caps. Then there are elevated small caps and elevated lowercase letters. Over sixty uppercase ligatures and some basic words like »The, And, at« a.s.o. For good measure there are tabular numbers, old style numbers and the complete sets of nominators and denominators. Out of sheer folly I added the basic Roman numerals. There are almost 700 glyphs in the »pro« set. You need opentype savy software to use these fonts! This set has got it all, well most of it. Enjoy! For the folks who don't own opentype savy software I added the goodies in 4 single packets: Zelda-CapLigatures, Zelda-HighStrung, Zelda-Narrow, Zelda-SmallCapsUp!

Zelda Font Preview
advertising alternate branding decorative display elegant fashion geometric headline legible ligatures logotype mixable modern monoline poster retro script smallcaps style
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