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Cry Wolf FONT Download

Cry Wolf downloadDesigner: David Kerkhoff
Publisher: Hanoded
When I was a kid, I loved the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. I thought it was pretty stupid of the boy to trick the villagers into believing wolves are attacking his flock of sheep. But I also thought it was a bit sad that the sheep are eaten by a wolf in the end. I didn't really feel sorry for the boy (he really was stupid), nor the wolf (he just does what he is supposed to do in life), but I did feel sorry for those poor sheep. I guess this is what disinformation leads to in the end. Cry Wolf is a bit of a scary font: it was made with a really old and battered brush, using Chinese ink and some quality French paper. It has a slight tilt to the right and I added some inky splatter for dramatic effect. Use Cry Wolf for your book covers, product packaging and headlines; use if to spice up you invitations and your halloween posters. Comes in a slightly tilted Regular style and an outright Italic style.

Cry Wolf Font Preview
album artwork blots book book cover brush brushed drawing free flowing hand drawn hand made handwritten horror ink inked jumpy legible lively mess messy multilingual no baseline quirky scary splatter spooky
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