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Andron 2 FONT Download

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Andron 2 downloadDesigner: Andreas Stötzner
Publisher: SIAS
The sister fonts Andron 2 English and Andron 2 Deutsch provide a groundbreaking new possibility to render literature text bodies in a sophisticated traditional and yet modern way of type.

In German typographic history there has once been a long-lasting struggle called the Frakturstreit (the blackletter quarrel). It was about German text to be composed rather in blackletter or possibly in Roman type, a question upon which even Goethe, Schiller and other period celebrities got grey over time. However, blackletter type remained alive and has just recently seen an astonishing renaissance.

This is not about a blackletter revisionism or some ‘mixture’ concept arguably bridging the gap between either worlds. Andron 2 English and Andron 2 Deutsch offer a new approach to circumvent that old antagonism. As for the lowercase letters I applied certain features of blackletter type onto the glyphs – but entirely abandoned the principle of the broken stroke as such. The result is a lowercase alphabet in the classical Andron style which may be considered an attractive alternative for text in English, German or even other languages. So it’s no longer entirely about choosing between ‘modern’ Roman or ‘ancient’ blackletter only.

Andron 2 English Regular and Andron 2 Deutsch Regular feature the same lowercase glyphs but differ in the majuscules (Andron 2 English has normal Latin capitals).

++++ 2012 + NEW! +++ In response to its growing popularity we now present five new fonts as part of the Andron 2 series. Andron 2 English is completed by an Italic and a Bold font. Andron 2 Deutsch now contains three interesting alternative fonts: Italic, Scriptive and Laendlich. Last but not least – A new set of wonderful classical typographic ornaments is part of the Italic and Scriptive fonts. – You can also purchase these ornaments separately as “Andron Ornamente”.

Andron 2 Font Preview
blackletter capital sharp s classical english german ligatures roman venetian versal eszett
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