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MVB Celestia Antiqua FONT Download

MVB Celestia Antiqua downloadDesigner: Mark van Bronkhorst
Publisher: MVB
Mark van Bronkhorst designed MVB Celestia Antiqua at a time when font choice was limited. Design was characterized by overuse of the few fonts that came with laser printers.

A rustic typeface, recalling the roughness and irregularity of pre-digital printing, was a response to the cold crispness of DTP. MVB Celestia Antiqua holds its own among a large group of other “weathered” serif fonts, in part due to the size of the family: three weights, small caps, italics, and two titling styles. But it’s also successful because it’s simply drawn well, the contours only as rough as they need to be, enabling text at any size, large or small.

MVB Celestia Antiqua Font Preview
1600s ancient antiqued antiquemap astronomy cartography celestial corroded crop cropper cropping decorated decorative engraving garalde inline irregular legible lined moon museum news ornament ornamental pirate pirates renaissance rough rustic scrapbook scrapper serif star sun venetian zodiac
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