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Archemy FONT Download

Archemy downloadPublisher: Sonic Savior
Archemy is a restricted and obscure branch of Alchemy that deals specifically with the life, generation and transmutation of Metals. The Archemy font is primarily a magical and alchemical alphabet. It was created on initiative of Senior Zadith, in order to properly quote older alchemical manuscripts, without the need to insert handwritten symbols.

The font combines a unique and elegant Roman alphabet with a set of the most frequently used planetary and alchemical symbols that are common in the Western Mystery Tradition, and as used by those involved in the Royal Art. The Archemy font contains a selection of symbols that are still used by practitioners of the Art today, and for the sake of completeness, a selection of less used and more arcane symbols that can be found in older alchemical texts.

In addition a Hebrew Alphabet is included, which will supply practitioners of the Art with the glyphs related to Cabalistic studies. The Hebrew Alphabet in this font does not include vowel points, since they have no place in ancient Hebrew, nor in the Western Mystery Tradition.

A selection of the most distinct glyphs as used in the Antediluvian font family - the Alphabet of the Ancients - is included for those that wish to include the archetypal and arcane quality of these glyphs from the dawn of history.

By our knowledge there exists at this time no font that includes a selection of Alchemical symbols, let alone combines all of the above mentioned archetypal symbols of occult language in a single package. In that respect Archemy can be considered to be an “Arch” font.

Archemy Font Preview
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