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Shout downloadPublisher: HiH
Shout is a “Hey, Look at ME” font. It is an attention-getting font for posters, flyers and ads. Its lineage includes the Haas Type Foundry’s 19th century advertising font, Kompakte Grotesk, which Jan Tschichold (1902-1974) dryly described as “extended sans serif” and which graphic designer Roland Holst (1868-1938) would have disapprovingly referred to as a “shout,” as opposed to the quiet presentation of information that he believed was the proper function of advertising. In 1963 Letraset released what appears to be an updated variation in multiple weights designed by Frederick Lambert called Compacta. Shout draws heavily on Compacta, as well as other similar fonts of the 50s and 60s like Eurostile Bold Condensed and Permanent Headline. In weight, it falls about halfway between Compacta Bold and Compacta Black, but with a relatively heavier lower case that is not so easily pushed around by the upper case. After all, one can shout while sitting down.

Shout is the first font released with our new encoding, as noted in the All_customer_readme.txt. The Euro symbol has been moved to position 128 and the Zcaron/zcaron have been added at positions 142/158 respectively. Otherwise, Shout has our usual idiosyncratic glyph selection, with the German ch/ck instead of braces, a long s instead of the Greek mu and our usual Hand-in-Hand symbol. There are also left and right glyphs of a big mouth ]ing (135/137) and left and right glyphs of an angry man shouting (172/177).

Please use Shout with discretion. Folks get tired of being yelled out. After awhile, they stop listening.

Shout ML represents a major extension of the original release, with the following changes:

1. Added glyphs for the 1250 Central Europe, the 1252 Turkish and the 1257 Baltic Code Pages. Add glyphs to complete standard 1252 Western Europe Code Page. Special glyphs relocated and assigned Unicode codepoints, some in Private Use area. Total of 355 glyphs.

2. Added OpenType GSUB layout features: pnum, ornm, liga, hist & salt.

3. Added 266 kerning pairs.

4. Revised vertical metrics for improved cross-platform line spacing.

5. Revised hyphen, dashes & math operators.

6. Minor refinements to various glyph outlines.

7. Inclusion of both tabular & proportional numbers.

Please note that some older applications may only be able to access the Western Europe character set (approximately 221 glyphs).

The zip package includes two versions of the font at no extra charge. There is an OTF version which is in Open PS (Post Script Type 1) format and a TTF version which is in Open TT (True Type)format. Use whichever works best for your applications.

Shout Font Preview
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