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RLG Astro FONT Download

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RLG Astro downloadDesigner: Nelda Louise Tanner
Publisher: RightLeft Graphics
Whether for professional astrologers who need access to a full set of astrological symbols, or hobbyists integrating astrological symbols into their artwork and documents ñ- the RLG Astro font from RightLeft Graphics is for you.

This font, offered in a family including regular and Light versions, goes beyond merely the planets and signs of the zodiac. The font includes glyphs for the following:

* The 12 signs of the Zodiac * The planets, Sun, and Moon * The four phases of the moon * North and South Nodes * 12 Aspects from Conjunct and Inconjunct through Contraparallel and Semisextile * 14 asteroids, including Chiron, Juno, Hades, and more * Directional symbols for Retrograde and Direct

RightLeft Graphics has published books, charts, and manuals on astrology and numerology since it was founded in 1989. We developed this font for our in-house use in our own documents, and now offer it to for general use.

RLG Astro Font Preview
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