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PB Capitalis Rustica IVc FONT Download

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PB Capitalis Rustica IVc downloadDesigner: Paweł Burgiel
Publisher: Paweł Burgiel
PB Capitalis Rustica IVc is a font face designed for imitate latin writing style found in manuscripts from 1st to 9th century. All characters are handwritten by use ink and reed pen (calamus), scanned, digitized and optimized for best quality without lost its handwritten visual appearance. Character set support codepages: 1250 Central (Eastern) European, 1252 Western (ANSI), 1254 Turkish, 1257 Baltic. Include also additional characters for Cornish, Danish, Dutch and Welsh language, spaces (M/1, M/2, M/3, M/4, M/6, thin, hair, zero width space etc.) and historical characters (overlined Roman numerals, I-longa, historical ligatures for “nomina sacra” and “notae communes”). OpenType TrueType TTF (.ttf) font file include installed OpenType features: Access All Alternates, Localized Forms, Fractions, Ordinals, Superscript, Tabular Figures, Proportional Figures, Stylistic Alternates, Stylistic Set 1, Historical Forms, Historical Ligatures. Include also kerning as single ‘kern’ table for maximum possible backwards compatibility with older software. Historical ligatures for “nomina sacra” and “notae communes” are mapped to Private Use Area codepoints.

abbreviation abbreviations ancient antique calamus capitalis handwriting handwritten historic historical i-longa latin majuscule manuscript mediaeval medieval nomina sacra notae communes paleography papyrus reed pen roman roman numerals rustica scriptio continua uppercase
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