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Hermecito FONT Download

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Hermecito downloadDesigner: Ari Rafaeli
Publisher: ARTypes
Hermecito™ is a text type of optimum legibility, weight, colour and letterfit. Throughout the design process traditional principles of design of text letters were closely observed. When designs for the 9- to 12-pt roman and italic forms with Cyrillic and Greek letters were completed, designs of a ‘Nonpareil’ for smaller texts (5 to 8 pt) were made and display forms – ‘Tertia’ for 14-pt and larger, titling capitals and an ultrabold – were added. The high-resolution specimens (pdf for US Letter and A4) contain sample texts. Some notable features of the 46-font series are:

• Baltic and Eastern European glyphs; accents fitted closely to capitals to facilitate closely line-spaced settings

• Open counters, sharpness of line, close-fitting punctuation

• Slightly shortened capitals for a more comfortable setting of German

• Ligatures and logotypes for fb ff ffi ffl fh fi fj fk fl ft ij tz ch ck

• Long-s and ligatures

• Piece- and composite-fractions font

• Roman and italic superiors and inferiors fonts containing maths symbols and Greek lowercase

• IPA Phonetics font

• Long descenders alternative fonts

• Tabular figures alternative fonts (all numerals of equal width)

• Small capitals for Cyrillic and Greek

In the Hermecito Special fonts:

• ‘Polytonic’ Greek (upright, small capitals and inclined)

• Vietnamese (roman, small caps and italic)

• Letters for transliteration

• Extensive range of Unicode mathematics operators and symbols (2200-22FF), arrows, astronomical, botanical, monetary signs, scansion marks, etc.

• Glyphs for simple chemical structural drawings

Hermecito Font Preview
arrows baltic book composition crisp cyrillic display eastern european extrabold footnotes fractions greek inferiors languages legible letterfit ligatures linguistics math new design old-style numerals optical sizes original design phonetics polytonic greek pro readable russian scientific semi-bold small caps sturdy superiors symbols text transliteration ultrabold unicode vietnamese wedge serif
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