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VerticalFlipTOC FONT Download

VerticalFlipTOC downloadDesigner: Robert Schenk
Publisher: Ingrimayne Type
Many years ago I created two upside-down typefaces, UpsidedownJJ and UpsidedownTOC. They were based on monospaced or typewriter fonts, and were rotated 180 degrees, which is the same as a vertical flip followed by a horizontal flip.

Recently I was reminded that this way of creating an upside-down typeface is not the only way to create an upside-down typeface--a simple vertical flip creates a different one.

That is what this typeface is, a simple vertical flip.

The unflipped typeface from which VerticalFlipTOC is derived is TiredOfCourier.

VerticalFlipTOC Font Preview
flipped funny monospace
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