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TessiePuzzlePieces FONT Download

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TessiePuzzlePieces downloadDesigner: Robert Schenk
Publisher: Ingrimayne Type
After exploring tessellations for several years, I decided to see how many ways I could tessellate puzzle pieces. I began with a square template and used the same asymmetrical shape for all four edges. By flips or rotation each edge could be fitted in four ways. Eventually I discovered that, given this way of forming tiles, there were 15 distinct shapes that tessellate and these shapes can take a total of 96 orientations. (A note in the November 2016 issue of Mathematical Gazette has the proof for the 15 shapes.) This typeface contains those 15 shapes and 96 orientations. A pdf note in the gallery shows some of the tilings possible using only one shape in a pattern. An unlimited number of patterns are possible if shapes are mixed.

There are two members of the family, a solid style that must have different colors when used and an outline style. They can be used separately or they can be used in layers with the outline style on top of the solid style. For rows to align properly, leading must be the same as point size. (Earlier tessellation fonts from IngrimayneType, the TessieDingies fonts, lack a black or filled version so cannot do colored patterns.)

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