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Mutamathil Taqlidi FONT Download

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Mutamathil Taqlidi downloadDesigner: Saad D. Abulhab
Publisher: Arabetics
The Mutamathil Taqlidi type family is the largest size member of the Mutamathil type style. It has one glyph for every basic Arabic Unicode character or letter and one additional, final-position, glyph for each Arabic letter that is normally connected with other letters from both sides in traditional cursive Arabic strings.

With each glyph being slightly symmetrical around its vertical axis, this family is only suitable for right to left ordering.

The Mutamathil Taqlidi family includes all required Lam-Alif ligatures and uses final position glyph substitutions, ligature substitutions, and marks positioning. Text strings composed using types of this family are non-cursive with stand alone isolated glyphs.

The Mutamathil Taqlidi family includes both Arabic and Arabic-Indic numerals, all required diacritic marks, in addition to all standard English keyboard punctuations and major currency symbols.

The fonts in this family support the following scripts: Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Pashtu, Kurdish, Baluchi, Kashmiri, Kazakh, Sindhi, Uyghur, Turkic, and all extended Arabic scripts.

Mutamathil Taqlidi Font Preview
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