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Langton FONT Download

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Langton downloadPublisher: Aah Yes
Langton is an attractive workaday sans-serif with the emphasis on a variety of lighter weights, with 10 weights in total. This choice is especially useful when a subtle weight change can make a huge presentational difference.

The weights in Langton are named - unconventionally but helpfully we think - in ascending order from 0 Light, 1 SemiLight, 2 Regular up to 9 Fat - which we believe makes it easier when going through the menu. However the weight naming is relative to each other rather than absolute - they're mostly quite a bit lighter or thinner than the name might suggest (for instance Bold isn't all that bold, nor is Heavy particularly heavy) but this is intentional - to give extra weights and greater subtlety of choice at the lighter end of the typeface when creating large bodies of text, or for short headlines in adverts and features. (The difference between the thinner weights is actually half the difference between the heavier weights.)

All the fonts are full of Open Type features and a few extras, including of course Class Kerning and Ligatures, a few useful pictorial/dingbat characters, bullet numbers as ligature replacements, alternative fractions, stylistic alternatives and so on. A more complete list is in the text file in the zips.

In full the weights are 0 Light, 1 SemiLight, 2 Regular, 3 Demibold, 4 Bold, 5 Extrabold, 6 Heavy, 7 Black, 8 Ultra, 9 Fat.

There are 2 combined packs available: the 5 lighter fonts together, and the whole family.

The zip files contain both the OTF and TTF versions of the font. Install only one version, either the OTF or TTF, but not both - otherwise you will get all sorts of incompatibility issues and problems.

Langton Font Preview
1970s 1980s advert book booktext business conservative conventional corporate display formal geometric grotesk information legible light linear lite magazine modern neutral news newsheadline plain poster readable sansserif signage static swiss technical teeshirt transport universlike wide
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