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Guitar Chords FONT Download

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Guitar Chords downloadPublisher: Aah Yes
Here’s two easy-to-use fonts that allow you to quickly put in any chord shape you want, even ones you invent yourself. You can do this for anything from 2 to 8-stringed instruments, not just 6-string guitar chord boxes. You just type a letter for the kind of chord-box you want - based on which instrument you're displaying, and then the numbers of the finger positions, it’s as easy as that.

For Guitar chords, type in G for the empty Guitar chord box, then type the numbers for the finger positions from 6th string to first string. Try typing or copy/pasting these: for E major type G022100 and B7 use Fx21202 for Fminor use g133111 Or try Gx02220 Fx00212 gxx3210 And also try m0212 B44554

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