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Garcon Grotesque FONT Download

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Garcon Grotesque downloadPublisher: Thomas Jockin
From pastiche to sophistication‭, ‬Garçon Grotesque improves on a classic for today’s designer‭. ‬Designed in a multitude of weights‭, ‬extended latin character set‭, ‬small capitals and a working lowercase‭, ‬Garçon is built for any situation that calls for sophistication‭, ‬elegance and culture‭.‬

Built in five weights‭, ‬Garçon Grotesque allows for great flexibility‭. ‬Use the Bold weight for beefy headlines‭. ‬Use the the medium and regular weights for subheads and decks‭. ‬Use the Light and Thin weights for a softer‭, ‬more delicate tone‭. ‬All weights have the same size spurs‭, ‬so you can mix and match‭! ‬

Right out of the box‭, ‬Garçon Grotesque offers full language support to most eastern european speaking territories‭. ‬Most foundries release these accent characters as a‭ "‬pro‭" ‬release at an additional fee‭. ‬Just because you speak Turkish or Croatian‭, ‬shouldn't mean you have to pay more than a designer who speaks English‭. ‬Please see the Specimen PDF for more information about languages supported‭. ‬

Accessible as an OpenType Feature‭, ‬Garçon Grotesque offers alternate forms of the uppercase‭ "‬J‭", ‬and the lowercase‭ "‬a‭" ‬and‭ "‬g‭". ‬Use Stylistic Set 01‭ ‬for the alternate form capital J‭. ‬Use Stylistic Set 02‭ ‬for the alternate form of the lowercase a‭. ‬Use Stylistic Set 03‭ ‬for the alternate form of the lowercase g‭. ‬

Also accessible as an OpenType Feature‭, ‬Garçon Grotesque offers tabular figures in all five weights‭. ‬Perfect for menus‭, ‬tabular figures allow for number listings to align easily and without shifting if a different font weight is selected for emphasis‭. ‬

Garcon Grotesque Font Preview
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